Our story

The Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies is a loose network of projects which have either established Christian town or city chaplaincies, or are working on developing such a chaplaincy.  It was formed following recognition that God was doing something really special through the work of existing town chaplaincies, and also following a national conference held in April 2013 to explore how best practice could be shared, and organisations and individuals supported – both practically and pastorally.

A small team of interested chaplains was formed to move things forward, and it was agreed that the priority should be to provide straightforward practical help to those wanting to develop a town or city chaplaincy and to provide opportunities to network with individuals from similar projects.  Up until this time there have been many conversations, visits and advice given by those with experience of town chaplaincies to those wanting to establish something similar in their area.  ATCC does not replace these personal contacts which are vital for support and encouragement.

Individuals or a group of individuals from a single location can become members of the Alliance providing they can agree with the following values:

  • The Chaplaincy will be distinctly Christian

  • The Chaplaincy will be intentionally missional

  • The Chaplaincy will be interdenominational

  • The Chaplaincy will be available to those of any faith, or no faith at all

  • The Chaplaincy will be free to those it serves

  • Volunteer Chaplains will be regular members of a local Christian church

It is acknowledged that the Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies is born out of the local church, for the local church, to serve the nation.

Membership costs £50 to join, then a small annual renewal subscription.  Members will receive a electronic copy of ‘A Guide to Establishing a Town or City Chaplaincy’, news and updates about the national scene, free attendance for 2 people at any relevant conferences, meetings or training arranged by ATCC, and the opportunity to have an initial ‘consultation’ visit by one of the Management Committee. 

To learn more about membership, please contact us on info@atcchaplaincies.orgor call one of the Management Committee.