Membership of ATCC is open to individuals or groups from locations across the UK providing they can agree with our core values:

  • Chaplaincy will be distinctly Christian
  • Chaplaincy will be intentionally missional
  • Chaplaincy will be interdenominational
  • Chaplaincy will be available to those of any faith, or no faith at all
  • Chaplaincy will be free to those it serves
  • Volunteer Chaplains will be regular members of a local Christian church

Operating from a firm belief that God honours unity, we encourage all church denominations to work together, setting aside their theological differences for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

  • You will receive regular news and updates about the national scene
  • You will have free attendance for 2 people (nominal charge for others) at any relevant conferences, meetings or training arranged by ATCC
  • You will have access to the electronic version of the ‘Guide to establishing a Town or City Chaplaincy’
  • You will be entitled to an initial ‘consultation’ visit by one of our core team. (Travel expenses to be paid by the member)
  • You will be entitled to use the ATCC logo on your web-site and other publicity
  • You will be able to network with other members*
  • You will have free access to a mobile app for exclusive use by our member community
  • Reduced rate Public Liability Insurance

To learn more about membership, please write or call us.